To my mother,
whos is probably wondering
what the hell am I doing with my life.

Our favorite things are the most interesting things about us. I find it beautiful when someone has a collection, or knows a lot about a specific subject, not because school or work demand it, but because one wishes to learn about that specific subject. Having a favorite color is a simple example of this idea. When you have a favorite color sometimes you select an object (a t-shirt for example) simply because it is of a color which your inner self finds pleasing.

is perceived as a color that conveys tranquility. It is known as a color that has a calming effect for the mind. It can reduce levels of stress and create an environment that exerts calmness, relaxation and order.'

These interests/curiosities that we develop, often from such a young age, are part of our own persona, what makes us all unique. I feel that such interests need to be celebrated nourished and pursued. It is here where parental and scholar education and values need to interfere in order to make sure that such interests are formed and guided towards what could make a next doctor, astronomer, historian, painter, etc all which could contribute to positive impact in the world or a positive lifestyle.

Lighter shades of blue represent wellbeing, healing, tranquility understanding and softness. Darker shades of blue are related to knowledge, power, integrity and professionalism.

The interests are often there, they just need a reminder that the fact that you are interested in them makes them already something that it’s worth investing time into. It’s all in our favorite things. The things that you actually want to invest time into looking at. Many people fall trapped and think or are taught that those interests are not worth looking into.

According to psychologist Bernardo Tirado, if blue is your favorite color it means that you are someone that loves harmony, is reliable, sensitive and always makes an effort to think of others. You like to keep things clean and tidy and feel that stability is the most important aspect in life.
I’d say this is pretty accurate actually, except maybe the clean and tidy part.

Often parents, discourage their kids to pursue what it is that they truly want. Reminding them that it is not easy, they will not make it, that they are silly for thinking that, or saying things like “When I was your age, I used to think that too” and after all they are our parents they should know better, right? Since I was 16 years old I knew I wanted to study graphic design, what I enjoyed doing so much was actually a career, when people would ask what was I going to study I’d say graphic design.

feeling blue
Blue can also be associated with a state of mind related with melancholy, sadness or depression.

My mother was never very supportive of this decision. Influenced by her perspective of what the “real world” was like I opted for studying architecture for my undergraduate studies, a career with “more” field of opportunities. I always knew I wanted to do a Master’s degree, and when the time came to decide on what I was going to do it, I realized I didn’t want architecture. It was time to stop ignoring what I truly wanted to do. My mother, oh Lord, how she continued to question, doubt and disencourage me from this path.

true blue
Renaissance true blue or ultramarine blue came from lapis lazuli, a rare and semiprecious gemstone. Blue was once the most expensive color, more expensive than gold at some point. During that time painters used this tone only if they or their patrons could afford it. There were a few other alternatives, but not all had the same tint power.

This time it was different though, I often told her that that living a life where I would never know if I would’ve made it in that specific field that I'm interested in, is far more worse than living in one where I tried and might’ve failed or succeed, but at least I would know. Also that just because it does not necessarily work that one path that I wanted, that there are many other paths in one subject.

blue sky
I often look up to the blue sky and like to think that no matter how far away we might be, we are still under the same sky. We can both look up at the same time and share the same sky, even though we are miles apart.